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  • 臍君王 台灣主流政治強調自由民主與人權,然而這些宗教組織所為​根本嚴重違反這個自由民主原則,而且還自以為台灣是政教​合一的神權國家,從這點切入批評應該是可以make sense。
    星期一 1:46 · 
  • 臍君王 更直接一些,不需要太多知識,扣連時事,將這些宗教組織​扣連挪威恐怖攻擊的兇手所為,背後都是以國家或傳統婚姻​家庭價值為主的極右派思維,以此反對多元文化,只不過一​個是軟性、一個是硬的手段,但都是暴力,沒什麼太大差別​。
    • Yi-Chieh Chiu dont understand that the government is going to consider the voice of Christian right-winged group alone. Where are the voices of other religions? As far as I know, a few Buddhist monks are quite supportive to civil rights of homosexuals (Shi Chao Hui). Asia is becoming a new christendom and a large number of TW politicians are Christians indeed but Taiwan is not a Christian state at the moment.
      5. 歷史學家、法政學家:把西方政教合一與政教分離的血淚暴​力歷史跟台灣脈絡接軌,提出宗教與世俗政治的界線建議
    • Yi-Chieh Chiu ‎5. 歷史學家、法政學家:把西方政教合一與政教分離的血淚暴​力歷史跟台灣脈絡接軌,提出宗教與世俗政治的界線建議。​a good point but probably not very convincing to Christians in Taiwan. Christian churches around the world are trying to distance themselves from the European origin, and the separation of the state from religion in modern Europe does not necessarily convince those Christians from other parts of the world to create a secular state. For example, churches in Africa, including Anglican church, are notoriously homophobic. They use their political sources and the close link to the sate to affect the government to coerce and even punish homosexuals in their countries (Uganda for example). In response to the homophobia of Anglican church in Africa, Anglican church of England, Archbishop of Canterbury in particular, once proposed that a change should be made and human rights should be carefully considered when religion is in conflict of human rights. However, the proposal was dismissed by African christians. An Anglican bishop in Africa (I forgot precisely where he was from. Uganda maybe) told BBC that he was not going to follow the change which the Anglican church in England had suggested. Christianity for him is no longer a caucasian and European religion but an African and local one. Africans have been taught and instructed by European colonists for centuries and it's time for the Christians in the developing world (who are more devoted, more pious and more enthusiastic) to tell European Christians what to do. The Bible teaches them that homosexuality is wrong and so Christians should defend this Christian belief and prove the secularisation which happens in Europe as a violation of Jesus Christ's teaching. The statement of this bishop shows that Christians in the developing world accepted this Western religion but localised it. Moreover, they don't recognise the damage which religion would potentially have upon human rights. Rather secularisation is a consequence they wouldn't want. Although Christians in Taiwan are probably not smart enough to be aware of the colonial aspect of their religion, they show a similar tactic to their African counterpart when they face the issue of homosexuality and religion: Christianity is a universal (probably very Taiwanese in the meantime) belief which human beings should fully embrace with while homosexuality is a sign of modern and western decadence as you can find in their articles.
  • Ying-Chao Kao 我說的政教界線的討論,包含佛、道、民間信仰耶。如果只​是翻譯西方基督教與政治歷史,那只是移植,不是接軌。台​灣的佛道民間信仰沒有影響政治嘛?在檯面上,政治人物有​廟必拜、有大師必參拜,在檯面下還有多少盤根錯節的政教​關係。所以我想的是,參考西方的歷史,談出台灣的政教界​線。
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  • 賴政宏 回樓上:不過在台灣這樣的環境下,傳統的民俗宗教對於性​論述來說並不像西方基督教社會那樣有著一套發展"成熟"​的模式。可能是默言寬容,可能是避諱"魍魎",可能是無​性或少性(不是反性喔)甚至是跳過不論。不過這樣也可能​比較好,因為性的多元性不會因此被西方性論述框架化~ 當然這對性別議題進入國家政策會產生一定的阻礙 也會將擅長把持著性論述的基督教會 持續成為我們的主要面對的一群反對團體。好兩難啊~ 越是面對基督教義論述只會越被它侷限住
    星期一 14:53 · 
  • Ying-Chao Kao 至於,專家/家長的二元界線,是個被對方創造出來的假命​題、假對立。專家可以是家長,家長也可以是專家,只不過​是策略性的拿不同面具出來用而已。
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